Our values ​​brought to the point.

Provisional translation by the webmaster:

The Mission Center Port-Bergé in Madagascar is a Christian project for cooperation and development in the areas of nutrition, education and health. It is committed to the following principles and values.

Help. Regardless of religious convictions.

We are not asking the recipients of our services for a specific creed or a statement about their religious beliefs and practice of faith. Everyone gets the same benefits, because each human is precious before God.

The parish with which we work together on site, is part of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, which is incorporated into the Lutheran World Federation.

All glory belongs to God.

We are clearly a Christian organization, i.e. all the glory for what we can change for the better in Madagascar, belongs to God and should lead to the praise of God.

In the name of Jesus.

We commit ourselves to work in the name of Jesus, i.e. our projects are Christian-oriented, our values ​​are Christian-influenced and our way of working and living is Christian.

2 Cor. 5:14 sums it up well: “It is the love of the Christ which compels us.”

Help for self-help.

We want to help people to help themselves and thus lead into independence and not into dependence. We especially want to help those who do not even have the necessary means to build their future decisively positive.

Respect for cultural differences.

We do not want to bring western structures to Madagascar, but respect the local culture and learn from each other.

Education is not a special right.

We are of the opinion that the future prospects of the people can only improve if everyone has access to a good school education. Therefore, we operate an affordable school in a rural area that leads up to high school graduation (baccalaureate).

Respect for individuality.

We are convinced that every human has received different talents as a gift from God. Therefore, we want to offer not only the graduation at the high school, but also vocational training. So everyone should be promoted individually in his strengths.

Learning without hunger.

We believe that one can learn better with a full stomach, and therefore provide the school children with a balanced meal in the school cantine, because the holistic supply to the children is important to us.

No dying from curable diseases.

We are of the opinion that no one should die of a curable disease. Therefore, we not only invest in education and nutrition, but also in health care and health education.

Combating rural exodus.

We want, by the constructing the project in a rural area, to avoid rual exodus and thus counteract the slums developing in the big cities. Because in the city, often even greater poverty and misery are waiting.

Use of the money for intended purposes.

We undertake to apply appropriated donations exclusively to the mentioned purpose. Of course we respect the earmarking by the donors.

Taking financial responsibility.

We undertake to manage the donations entrusted to us responsibly. We ensure that all donations are used efficiently and keep administrative and advertising costs as low as possible.


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