In order to fulfill and to achieve our mission and our goals respectively, appropriate teams were formed, both on-site in Madagascar and in Germany.

Team in Madagascar

The on-site team is made up exclusively of local professionals. They initiate, control and manage the projects according to the needs and the reality on the ground in close contact with us in Germany. The team consists mainly of a supervisor, a project decision maker, a local project coordinator and the project leaders.

  • Cultural supervisor: Roseline R.
  • Project decision maker: Anatole R.
  • Localer project coordinator: --- (vacant)
  • Project leader, bush hospital: Roseline R. (planned)
  • Section leader, health station: Armel Tba.
  • Director, primary school: Robert J.
  • Director, collège (secondary school): TBA
  • Director, lycée (upper school): TBA (from the end of 2013)
  • Section leader, school canteen: TBA
  • Project leader, alphabetization: Benjamin Tba.
  • Section leader, farming: TBA
  • Section leader, animal husbandry: Claudette R.
  • Section leader, building yard: Justin Tba.

Team in Germany

We are enthusiastic people who are willing to do everything within our possibilities and to commit ourselves gift-oriented in order to realize our mission and our goals. (See also: contact persons)

  • Project coordination: Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Mampionona
  • Drinking water project: Heinrich and Angelika Tüttemann
  • Hospital planning: Dr.-Med. Martin Engelhardt
  • Facebook: Sarah Laubscher
  • Mission trips: Kira Mampionona
  • Presentation: Doris Mampionona
  • Hardware & web: Siegbert Kühnemuth


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