Reports about the Mission Center in the media

In the media one could read, listen and view so far the following reports about the Mission Center Port-Bergé:

3 April 2013

Augsburger Allgemeine (local section Schwabmünchen): They want to be in the field for the poorest (German)

8 February 2013

Evangelisches Fernsehen Augsburg (Dimensionen, Anders denken – anders handeln): Help for People in Need (German)

The Vincentinum supports a courageous organisation in Madagascar (German)

12 July 2012

Evangelisches Fernsehen Augsburg (Dimensionen, Mit Hilfe rechnen): Hospital beds for Ambohitsara (German)

10 June 2012

Radio Fantasy: Helping responsibly on the spot in Madagascar (German)

Part 1:
Part 2:

24 November 2011

Evangeliumsrundfunk (ERF Pop—Der Mittag / ERF Plus—Journal): Help for Madagascar—Christians from Germany build hospital (computer translation of the abstract by Google Translate, German audio)

Original title (German): Hilfe für Madagaskar – Christen aus Deutschland bauen Krankenhaus

22 September 2011

Evangelisches Fernsehen Augsburg (Dimensionen, Menschen dienen – Gott dienen): Besuch aus Madagaskar (German)

10 August 2011 ( | aktuell kompakt): Projektleiter aus einem Missionszentrum in Madagaskar zu Besuch in Bobingen (German)

10 August 2011

Augsburger Allgemeine (local section Schwabmünchen): Deutsches Know-how für Madagaskar (German)

Augsburger Allgemeine (local section Friedberg): Deutsches Know-how für Freunde aus Madagaskar (German)

4 August 2011

Augsburger Allgemeine (local section Schwabmünchen): Besuch aus Madagaskar (German)

18 August 2010

Augsburger Allgemeine (local section Schwabmünchen): Ein Projekt in Madagaskar (German)

1 August 2010 Missionseinsatz von Königsbrunner Jugend in Madagaskar (German)


Despite all the information available from HOPE PROJECTS, it is hard to imagine what life is like...

Despite all the information available from HOPE PROJECTS, it is hard to imagine what life is like...

Capacity building that you can see – help that actually arrives! Dear friends and supporters of Hope...

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