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Capacity building that you can see – help that actually arrives! Dear friends and supporters of Hope Projects Madagascar...

Our challenges:

  1. We’ll now be catering for over 500 children instead of 350 in the school canteen.

  2. The class size of the nursery school up to 7th grade has now increased to 48-52 pupils. Please pray for the teachers!

  3. In order to maintain the standard of quality of our teaching, next school year we’ll have to run parallel classes alongside each of these 8 classes. For us, that means 8 more teachers’ salaries.

  4. At this point, I’d like to ask everyone to think again about whether you might actually be able to take on one school sponsorship. 22 euros a month: For us, that might mean eating out one less time or putting aside about 70 cents every day. But for our children in Ambohitsara, it means having the chance to earn a living of their own one day…If you already sponsor a pupil, then please try to encourage someone you know to do the same. We Germans are in the privileged position of being allowed to live here in this beautiful country, just because we were born here. That’s just the grace of God and we did nothing to “earn” it.

  5. Get involved – give the children the gift of a future – it’s really worth it!


As Deborah and René will be leaving Ambohitsara shortly, we’re short staffed again. That’s why we’re urgently looking for people from Europe who would like to help us out there on site (for 3 months or more):

  1. Doctors/nurses for the travelling team (visiting the surrounding villages – bicycles are available – and providing the locals with vaccines and hygiene education)

  2. Construction workers/technical assistants (building and renovating buildings and installing small technical equipment like solar panels.

  3. Teachers and language assistants (English, German and French)

  4. Agricultural staff (growing vegetables)

Agricultural news

Now that (an increasing number of) mothers are growing vegetables for the canteen (as an alternative payment of their children’s school fees), we’ve now got lots of fresh vegetables and are saving ourselves quite a few shopping trips to Port-Bergé.

News from the construction yard

  1. After some initial difficulties, the water supply is functioning really well. All five watering holes have got enough water. In order to teach the local population how to use these, a “Water Committee” was established by the locals after they’d received training from the local authorities. They’re now maintaining the watering holes in the village and are also carrying responsibility for them towards Hope Projects Madagascar.

  2. Since our construction team is no longer constantly busy digging watering holes, one older school building could be renovated, while another was built and is already being used.

    News from the school

    The number of pupils is now stable, having settled at 507 (as of 11 November 2015). Nevertheless, we’ve still had to turn away many pupils. But we’re looking gratefully towards the new school year: We’re able to look after so many children, educate them, leave a positive impact on them and give them a sustainable prospect of life…

    We don’t so much consider the main factor to be our helpers’ qualifications, but rather:

    1. Their great willingness to be flexible and their ability to adapt to the local culture

    2. Their ability to adapt to the respective local conditions

    3. Their willingness to help out according to the requirements of the local leaders

    Thank you so much for your commitment to the children in Ambohitsara – Your Madagascar Team

    This English translation has been possible thanks to the PerMondo project: Free translation of website and documents for non-profit organisations. A project managed by Mondo Agit. Translator: ThomasMcGuinn.


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    Despite all the information available from HOPE PROJECTS, it is hard to imagine what life is like...

    Capacity building that you can see – help that actually arrives! Dear friends and supporters of Hope...

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