Short-term service 2010—Report by Veronika

Provisional translation by the webmaster:

Since the presentation on Madagascar in our congregation, I was bitten by the bug and I knew that I wanted to go there. Much organization and planning were required beforehand to make the assignment accordingly possible. With great anticipation I went to Madagascar mainly looking forward to the children; we resolved to learn a bit English with them.

Shining child’s eyes in hands-on English learning, Veronica and a student

Since we did not expect so many children, the number 100 highly amazed us and at first we did not really know, how that should work. But like the saying, which a female friend had given me to take along, says: “What is impossible with human beings is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27), we just could simply be amazed! The program for the children, which caused them so much joy, this shining child's eyes, the joy and enthusiasm I will never forget. Especially the singing was a lot of fun because we namely could not really talk a lot. Nevertheless, we were able to communicate with songs, one's hands and feet. For me it was a huge gift to experience this journey and to get to know so much health and preservation. As in between Benjamin said that someone was killed on the way from the base to the village, I could learn great trust in God and did not need to be terrified. For such an outreach is a faith challenge.

Incredibly grateful I look back on this wonderful time that has passed much too quickly. I can only recommend everyone to take part in such an outreach. It will change you and your heart when you experience these friendly people who are so happy, even though they have no physical property.

Veronika Fleig, 19 years, trainee educator

Mission trip from 4 August to 7 September 2010

In our online photo albums you will find more pictures of the short-term mission outreaches in 2009 and 2010.

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