School godparenthoods

School children of the school of Ambohitsara

After the start of the upper classes in October 2013, now about 300 children from pre-school to eleventh grade are taught at the school of Ambohitsara. The students there are eager to learn and see it as a privilege to go to school. Also the parents stand behind our school project and support it as well as they can, usually with one Euro school fee per month. But with it one is already reaching the limits of the possible.

Together with the team in Madagascar, we have calculated that 22 Euros a month are needed to care for a child all day at school. So that we can shoulder this financially, we offer school godparenthoods for 22 Euros.

As the children live in close village communities and not each child can get a godparent, the support contribution you made through our carrier Hope e.V. is directly transfered to the school for their use. This guarantees that the support contribution actually inures to the benefit for the education and better nutrition of the children.

Extra tuition on Saturday

But financial support is not our only concern. We know that for the Malagasy children it is something really special when Europeans personally take an interest in them. Therefore we would also like to offer you the opportunity to come into personal contact with a child.

We are pleased to send you the photo of a child selected by us, with whom you, if you wish, can take up correspondence. The official language in Madagascar is French. A letter written in German will be translated by us into Malagasy. The letters will arrive by mail or e-mail at the teachers of the school, who then take care of the forwarding to the children.

Not least, these children also need our prayers.

Want to participate? Then please answer us and provide us your postal address (e.g. via our contact form) so we can send more information to you.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us.


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