Agriculture farm with education opportunity

Trek oxen for work in the fields and for transport

The traditional farming is based merely on personal consumption. With simple improvements of cultivation methods, flanked by appropriate start up financing, one could operate economically with a higher crop yield and so build up reserves for bad harvest seasons. With the help of local professionals, a model plant schould be build up, which provides the foodstuffs for the school project and the busch hospital as well as training young farmers. By this means we want to offer young people future prospects in the country and thus prevent the movement to the suburban slums.

In addition to rice also maize, manioc, peanut and sweet potato are planted, mainly for the school canteen, the sweet potatoes also as a food supplement for the trek oxen. The training unit is still being planned.

After the fowl pest in 2009 on the farm in Port-Bergé there was launched a keeping and breeding of Malagasy chickens in a new attempt in early 2011 as well as a growing of vegetables. In the capital, Antananarivo (Tana) furthermore the keeping of broiler chickens is planned in the medium term. These are to be sold and the earnings schould be directed to the school canteen, which has to provide more students with meals because of an increasing number of students.

As part of the planned service of German "short-termies" in the summer of 2014, an approximately 4-week voluntary work in the agricultural project is possible. But we would also look forward very much to someone who would assist for six months or one year in the agriculture in Port-Bergé and Ambohitsara and contribute his/her own know-how. (See short-term service and long-term service.)

(The agriculture project was launched in November 2008.)

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Peanut field in Ambohitsara (March 2011)
Drying of harvested peanuts on rooftops (March 2011)
Rice cultivation in Ambohitsara (January 2011)
Irrigation dam in Ambohitsara (January 2011)
Part of the farm in Port-Berger (September 2010)
Chicken coop in Port-Berger in 2011 (April 2011)

For more pictures of the agricultural project, see our photo album.


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