Clean, running drinkable water for Ambohitsara

For the improvement of local sanitary conditions, 2015, a drinking water supply is to be built, with a small dam for spring water near the village and a piping system with intermediate reservoirs and filtering and purification systems.

Clean, running potable water and a hygiene education carried out in the cultural context, help to prevent typical hygiene diseases such as typhoid and hepatitis A and to reduce child mortality.

Especially the more than 200 (more than 300 in the long-term) children of the schools in Ambohitsara will benefit from the clean water. The planned plant will, in addition to the schools, the school canteen and the approximately 150 inhabitants of the village, also supply the health station, which is currently being expanded, and the future hospital with drinking water (see map below). For this project, there is a video.

The current cost estimate amounts to 135,000.- Euros.

Get involved! What you can do:

  • Financing or partial financing of the water supply,
  • Assistance on site,
  • Advice on matters of detail,
  • Tell others.
  • Do you have any other ideas?

On our donation page there is information on how to donate for the project (reference “water supply”).

We would like to present our projects at your site. We look forward to your inquiry. Please feel free to contact us.

Outline map


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