Health station in Ambohitsara

A health station of customary clay construction method has been built in Ambohitsara, which offers a simple medical treatment option for the population and for students and staff of the school.

A basic inventory of pharmaceuticals and simple medical instruments is available. Treatment is even possible without prior payment (as opposed to the usual). The population also has the alternative to pay in kind or in work.

During the services of German “short-termers” in summer 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 it was assisted in the health station.

In order to extend the health care for the region, step by step a busch hospital with outpatient and inpatient care, maternity unit and surgical ward shall be built up. We are still looking for competent partners for both construction and equipment and for the installation of the infrastructure (roads, electricity, water supply). If you can imagine a collaboration with us, please contact us.

Parallel to the planning of the hospital an extended health station as a “precursor” is currently being built (with maternity unit and hygiene education). For this we are looking for doctors and nurses from abroad (see current needs).

From end of 2013 as part of the literacy project also a preventive health education of the population shall be carried out by mobile teams.

(First health station: since end of 2009, start of the extended health station: 2014)

See also: video

More pictures of the health station could be found in our photo album.


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